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Shots From Richmond

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Hello! I'm local freelance photographer from the San Francisco Bay Area - Richmond, California to be exact! Hence, the name, "Shots From Richmond"! I primarily work to capture the many events, things, places, and people of our community. However, I do not limit myself to just one city. I specialize in nature/wildlife and urban ecology photography. As well, I shoot for various events and capture diverse landscapes. If you would like to book me for shoots, or have any general inquiries, please feel free to contact me!

I utilize my craft and talents to empower youth. I am the recipient of several notable art grants, including awards from the Yerba Buena Center for Art and City of Richmond. These grants have produced powerful community-centered projects, with direct investment in youth. When possible, I strive to employ youth and rising creatives for paid gigs,  to ensure knowledge is transferred with intent and purpose. But most importantly, with care. When you book me, you're supporting opportunities for youth. So, let's make memories!